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Interviewing Iftakhar Rahmany| GoodFirms

Interview with CEO- ArStudioz

ArStudioz is a top-notch software solutions company that was incorporated in 2017 in Zittau, Saxony. The company produces user-friendly software and mobile apps to help the clients increase engagement, transactions an overall satisfaction with their respective users. Furthermore, the professionals at ArStudioz makes use of the leading technologies and systems to design innovative apps for all platforms and browsers out-performing the competitors. By using Scrum technology, the developers at ArStudioz takes an agile approach for giving the best possible solutions. Recently, the GoodFirms team interviewed the CEO of ArStudioz, Mr. Iftakhar Rahmany in which he gave the insights of the company as in – the working process, the idea behind the inception, and the company’s core services rendered to global clients.

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When asked about the role and the standard working process of ArStudioz, Iftakhar without fail mentions the goal of the company. He adds to it, by saying that – “The goal is to work on ideas, challenges, and ensure to deliver high quality, cost-effective, and customer-centric products by leveraging both disruptive & traditional technologies.” Furthermore, elaborating the idea behind the inception of ArStudioz, he asserts, it was a few years back while developing an application for a businessman as a one-man show, he realized that to develop a bug-free application, a strong team is necessary for satisfying the needs of the businesses and developing a digital product. As a CEO, he is very cautious about making sure that the group develops the products or solutions for which the company is famous. Adding to the above-stated statement, he says that, – “My role involves taking care of corporate & financial development of ArStudioz to form a great team in maintaining a lasting relationship with clients. Daily, I interact with my team members of different areas such as development, sales, etc.”

Coming to the core services, Iftakhar Rahmany starts with mobile apps developed by the professional app developers at ArStudioz. The professional app developers at ArStudioz caters to clients with iOS apps, Android apps, and Hybrid apps. The developers produce beautiful and eye-catchy iOS and Android focusing on user experience, functional design, and superior performance. The technologies used for developing apps for both platforms are Swift, Objective C, Java, & Kotlin, respectively. Moreover, the expert developers at ArStudioz also have expertise in developing cross-platform mobile applications in the minimum possible time. With this, the CEO of ArStudioz proudly says, “The innovative and feature-rich hybrid apps produced by our hybrid mobile app developers help you reach a wider audience and drive maximum returns on investment.” Thus, backed by such an expert team of mobile app developers, ArStudioz leads amongst the best app developers in Germany listed at GoodFirms. 

The following review and the score-card obtained at GoodFirms is the evidence of the quality apps catered to the clients by the mobile app developers at ArStudioz.


Augmented Reality Services


Top AR Company

According to Iftakhar Rahmany, Blockchain is the most useful technology which gives benefits such as – faster transactions, lower transaction fees, high uptime of network, reduction in cost for services like cloud, transparency in dealings, no risk of fraud, and more reliable systems. With this, he also adds that ArStudioz provides the best possible solutions to the clients of different verticals like – HealthCare, Finance & Banking, Real Estate, and Supply Chain. For developing the Blockchain solutions, the expert professionals at ArStudioz make use of several technologies like – Ethereum, Stellar, Hyperledger, Ripper, Bitcoin, and MultiChain. Furthermore, the developers help the clients by offering services like private and public Blockchain development,  Smart Contracts, Token development, Pre & Post ICO, and Cryptocurrency exchange development. Hence, oozing out the best experiences and skills by the developers, ArStudioz has significantly tapped into the list as one of the top Blockchain development companies in India at GoodFirms. 

The below-displayed review at GoodFirms is proof of the best solutions developed by the Blockchain developers.

Blockchain Company

Having read the overview of the interview scheduled by the GoodFirms team with the CEO of ArStudioz, one can have a glimpse of the detailed interview.

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