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Сhelle Platform provides users a unique way to use and trade tokens within the blockchain-powered real estate ecosystem. It is based on Ethereum Blockchain and uses ERC20 & ERC21 Tokens for investments. Users can easily purchase or invest in Real Estate by using their cryptocurrency holdings and receive a monthly commission.

Project is built with the best practise of Ethereum Development, NodeJS for back-end, Solidity for Smart Contracts and React for For Front-End.


In Financial based Applications, major challenges are security, trust, fraud prevention and promise of money delivery. Creating a Robust Smart Contracts to ensure that Platform is using the full potential of Ethereum Blockchain and investors are getting their fair shares based on their investments is one of the major challenges along with a Large scale cryptocurrency to fiat transactions, fast processing speed.

Manging multiple blockchain tokens and escrow payment based on different conditions are always challenging. Project needed to be error free and working as expected.

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Chelle Marketplace allows users to sell real estate for fiat or crypto to buyers who want to purchase Real Estate using cryptocurrencies. This can all be done through the Chelle Corp blockchain platform, utilizing all blockchain features such as speed, transparency, and security. Users can enter the Chelle Ecosystem by using a distributed application (DApp), the Chelle Platform. Chelle Corp’s Ethereum consortium chain matches sellers and buyers automatically.

App is connected to the Ethereum Blockchain in real time, allowing users to browse unlimited properties and invest, and start getting returns.

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