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Project brief

Spotlighter App is an entertainment app where users- spotters can upload their short videos, asks questions or asks for opinion, while other users can participate, answer and comments. Based on voting, particiants will have a chance to have a One to One Video call with the broadcaster.

Each trusted user- lighter will have a one minute to talk to the Spotter, and app will automatically disconnect the existing lighter and connect another lighter.


Spotlighter is offering happiness to people in all ages. Challenge was to create an App with so easy design that 10 year old to 60 year old people can easily use it.

Other development challenge was to implement broadcasting and video calling together without breaking the call or broadcasting. After certain time, replace existing lighter with new one was bit challenging.

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Our developers and designer worked together with client throughout to analyze how users will experience the app, which features resonate with the target audience and how the app can best differentiate itself from its competitors.

We created iOS Application with Swift, implemented Agora and Wowza for Video Calling & Live Streaming ensuring overall process is smooth and easy.

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