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How to Market your Mobile App?

Your App is ready to launch, Alpha or Beta version development is done. All kinds of testing are checked and you are prepared for the big day. Now what? 

This article deals with your next Entrepreneurial journey that you are going to start, your App must be able to reach to your audience and for that, you need to implement some tactics & strategies post mobile app development phase.  

We are going to share Top 10 mobile App marketing techniques with you that you can implement and make your App successful. 

1. Start with App Store Optimization (ASO)

App Store Optimization is the SEO of App Marketplace. App description and keyword density are very vital because almost 80% of users find the app by searching on the app platform. Ensure that the app description, headline, and screenshot are optimized for target keywords and audience.

You can consult an App focused Marketing team or choose some free tools if you do not want to invest much. 

mobile app development and marketing techniques

2. Choose the Right Mobile App Category

Roughly, there are 2.2 million apps on the App store and 2.8 million apps on Play Store, you can hope to have stiff competition in whatever the category you select. Often, your mobile app would be able for more than one category. Take care to choose the exact mobile app group where you can be sure of reaching the target section and more downloads.

3. Leverage Social Media Channels & Communities

This is the time for marketing an app on social media channels and communities. 94% of the users on these social media apps follow at least one business and in a survey, this is what people do after seeing a product or service on Instagram. 

mobile app user statistics
Source: Sprout Social

As mentioned earlier, you should have a logical promotion strategy in place before applying this. Go and creates pages, accounts there, and start makings users aware of your Apps.

You should start doing all this in parallel with your mobile app development, do not wait for a Beta version or project completion. Create hype so that people should be excited about the launch and justify it with the best app development experience. 

4. Invest in Paid Marketing 

Paid marketing strategy is also one of the best ways to implement for better & quicker results. It totally depends upon your goal, you can go for paid marketing on two or three channels. Just be very sure to collect abundant information to be able to analyze the impact of your strategy.

5. Make a Noise

Line up appearances in interviews, podcasts, and webinars around launch time try to take media attention. Hire PR Agency if the budget allows or find local classified or business who can make a presentation of your App in the market.

6. Guest Posting on established sites and blogs

Guest posting on the top high ranking website in your Mobile App category can help you send out a good word out among dynamic customers. However, this could prove tricky if you have not planned previously. Take care to include guest posting tactics in the content marketing plan you have created during the pre-launch phase. And this is the correct time to implement the strategy or logic, the guest post can link back to the mobile app landing page.

7. Convince Influencers

Influencers in your category can play a vital part in your app marketing strategy. Reach out to them to review your app and also mention the results in their blog posts, social media posts, and other channels and communities. Ensure that you have an app that is worthy of review by the influencers. You will need to pitch to the influences with the correct USP of your mobile app, with eye-catching app design, a super friendly interface, and a robust back-end.

No matter how good the idea is or how much you pay in marketing, if your App is not solid, it would be hard to gather a large customer based in long run.

8. Perform Community Building

If you have strong branding and messaging strategy with your mobile app you can go for building communities and forums around it. This will keep discussions alive long after the launch. Being active in these communities and discussion forums will also give you an opportunity to be in touch with your clients and resolve their queries even after the download.

9. Focus on Customer Service

Acquiring a customer is easier than maintaining a customer, keeping in touch with the customers, and providing them the best service is essential to keep the ball rolling. A negative review, especially in the primary launch phase can have a giant set back to your app marketing efforts. Providing instant customer service is necessary to stop negative publicity. 

This point is so obvious and honestly, it not any marketing technique, but this is important that I could not refrain from it. 

10. Make Easy to Share Your Apps

There is no better marketing than mouth to mouth publicity. The app should give the users choice to share your App while they are using it. Sit with your app development agency and figure out a way to include links and buttons to implement this strategy or logic in a nice way. 


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