Leading Technology and Customer-Driven Approach

Methodology can make or break a project. We work on the latest and emerging technologies to provide a better customer experience to customers. ArStudioz takes an agile approach for the software development process, with this technology, we split the entire process in a work-sprint of around 1.5 weeks. This allows you to modify or add any changes that you want without actually interrupting the development process.

Our engineers and designers know that smooth communication is the essence of a successful project, our team is always ready to communicate with clients: any communication channel, any time zone.


Initial Consultation

Every great product starts with a great idea. Your idea! One of our senior software architects will listen to you to get a complete understanding of the product you seek to design, your requirements and business needs. We will also discuss your requirements, preferences, and target audience for the application.


Scope of Work

Next, we create a Scope of Work (SOW) document that captures the scope of the project along with the specifications, requirements, constraints, and assumptions. We respect your time, so we review SOW with you to ensure that everything is nailed down with minimum back-and-forth.



User Interface / User Experience (UI & UX)

ArStudioz will shepherd your product through the entire design process. Our experienced UI designers and user-experience (UX) specialists work together to create elegant, useful, unique solutions-including Prototyping, Wireframing & Interface Design.


Hard Coding

This is the core phase. Here we begin coding and add features step by step. Navigation, Database Structure and Payment integration are all done in the hard-coding phase. At this point, the design and screens are all agreed, it's just a small case of "making it work".


Quality Assurance

Testing is vital. People rarely give an app or a website second chance. At ArStudioz, we test vigorously to ensure the product functions the way we intended and that users find it intuitive and easy-to-use.


Go Live

When we're ready and you're happy, we submit your app to the App Store or host to your server. ArStudioz will help you prepare the marketing material you need-such as screenshots and descriptions for the listing. If there are any issues, we will refine and re-submit until we get approval.